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Finding the “right” resources that not only help the way they’re intended to, but also come from a store or person whose values match your own is difficult. And when you’re starting out on a personal journey or are trying to create lifestyle changes, you’re already unsure of what to do. This challenge can become a roadblock. I found this to be especially true when I dove into the world of spirituality.

When it comes to fitness, healthy eating, finances, relationship, etc etc there are hundreds of resources. Those resources are evaluated and reviewed by people who then become amazing resources themselves as they weigh in on what’s out there. The problem is, there are very few resources like this that do that in the spiritual and self care sector. Our mission is all about bringing resources from spiritual warriors like ourselves (and you) together in one place to aid our incredible readers on their journey.

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You may be wondering, okay and who are you?

That’s understandable. Why should you want to work with us? The great thing about intuition and personal freedom is that, you don’t have to. But you’re here. You dug our vibes and here you are looking for connectivity and a platform to speak your truth just like we are. It’s only fair that we give you a little introduction into who the soul sisters behind the guide are.

Nathalie is a writer, mother, and lightworker. Originally from Texas, her wondering soul (and her family and fur babies) now live amongst the trees of Montana.

She’s been studying and learning the way of the universe since she was a young child with her head on sabbatical in the clouds. While her mind still retreats to take siestas, she’s combined her love for the Universe with her passion for writing and coaching and created My Minimalist Soul, and now Open Eye Connection with Ashleigh.

She has a bohemian heart and spends her days with her son either out in nature, doing yoga, or creating their own adventures wherever they are.

Ashleigh has an artist’s soul. She finds the most peace when she is able to create, whether that be drawing, making music, writing, or working at her full-time job in digital marketing. She is passionate about building connections to other wandereres like herself, which is why OEC is so dear to her.

She’s a world traveler whose roots lie in Texas. She is a gypsy in spirit and practice who feels most at home in nature. Her roommate is a tabby cat and her best friend is the Universe.

She is passionate about sharing all that she has learned and continues to learn about connectivity, spirituality, self-care, and abundance-attracting and is so excited to bring you into her journey through Open Eye Connection.

So, we’re here.
Nathalie and Ashleigh created Open Eye Connection to serve as the ultimate holistic, woo woo lifestyle resource to our readers. We provide articles, printables, reviews, and interviews in a monthly survival guide that takes the guesswork out of transitioning to a soulful wellness based lifestyle.
If you’re curious about what we offer to readers, we have a freebie! This mini guide provides a taste of some of our regular sections like interviews, DIYs, printables, and articles written by us! This is a great way to check out who we are and what our direction is to find out if it aligns with your own mission. By signing up to express interest in working with us, you’ll automatically receive this freebie!

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What are we looking for?

  • Products or services delivered from the heart
  • Has a benefit to soulful wellness and overall well-being
  • The product or service provided is something that the business owner lives by or believes in
  • Self-care or self-empowerment goes hand in hand with the product or service
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Awesome! We love working with others to bring new and exciting articles to our readers! If our values align and you’re interested in working with us, there are some other things you need to know.

Our readers come first. We would love to try anything you’d like to send us and include a review in a blog post or an issue but if the product doesn’t meet our standards, we reserve the right to not publish it in an article.

At this time, we aren’t paying for interviews. If you’re interested in speaking with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us but know that as of now our compensation is what is included below.

We hold ourselves responsible to provide our readers with transparent information that benefits them. If something breaks or something unexpected happens we will maintain honesty with our readers and publish our true and honest review. We will not be unfair about it though and will only report what truly happens.

What Do You Get?

In exchange for sending us a product or being interviewed by us, we include links to your product/service, website, and social media handles. We can also include three images of your choosing.

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