The Spring Equinox is tomorrow- can you tell! March’s toolkit is entirely focused on the Spring Equinox and deepening our connection to the moon, but we didn’t want anyone to miss out on the amazing energy that is being supplied to us by this astrological event.

So We’re Doing Something Special ❤️

Tomorrow is our Refresh & Refocus Spring Equinox event! The original plan was to show you all of the amazing tools, intention setting secrets, and negativity releasing tips through a Live stream on Facebook. But what we were planning on sharing is too good to miss. You’ll be able to use any of these tools at any time of the year- of course, you might need to change a few tiny elements. We also didn’t want you to not be able to find the video later if you’re trying to reference it later on, so we decided to forgo our usual Monday post (for the most part) and offer you a peak at the event tomorrow instead!

The Mini Toolkit

The Mini Toolkit (which will be published on here tomorrow morning) will include:

  • A negativity release spell- refresh
  • Intention setting spell and ritual -refocus
  • A tarot reading (with a link to the live reading becoming available in the evening)
  • Journal entries!

We’ll make sure that the format of the Refresh and Refocus Spring Equinox event is easy to follow and won’t be annoying if you’re trying to follow along. But if you know you won’t be able to attend or you won’t be able to use these tools anytime soon, there will be a downloadable version for you to take with you!

What is the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox falls directly in between the winter and summer equinoxes, meaning its one of the four major parts to our year (obviously). Our ancestors used to honor this day by throwing elaborate festivals with the ones they loved. Overtime, this tradition largely remained intact and actually is a pretty common way that people celebrate their lives.

What will you need? Foods, friends, fire, and music. Gather together, cook some amazing food, and dance around a fire! Set the intention with your group to be present in your celebration and to make the most of this time together.

If you’re celebrating alone and don’t want to have a dance party for one, sit in thanks for a couple of minutes. Let someone know that you’re grateful to have them in your life, or make a list of everything you’re thankful for.

Utilizing the Spring Equinox

Nature has a remarkable ability to become a mirror to the energy that is currently present. When the energy is low, winter is present; animals are asleep, we’re a bit sluggish, the trees aren’t even wearing clothes! But when the energy is high, that’s also present in the form of summer; social gatherings, time spent in the sun, and usually a lot of physical activity of some kind. We can also see this kind of reflection in Spring and we can kinda use it as a reference point in how we can use the Spring Equinox as a tool.

What are the typical trademarks of Spring- what comes to mind? New growth? Baby animals? A chance to tan? Is it actually time to do things outside again before it gets too hot?

Consider the Spring Equinox to be something like the first quarter moon. There’s so much promise. Anticipation around our goals and aspirations is building and perhaps starting to show some results. It’s the perfect time to shake off the winter ache and make room for the abundance that spring always brings!

With that said, we’re very excited to see you tomorrow! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page so you’ll be notified when we go live!