If you’re anything like me, you love the Universe, are moved by the moon and stars, and find yourself constantly checking the planetary alignment to explain why you’ve been acting so weird lately. Learning about the energies around us is not only interesting af but can also be really important in understanding how they affect our daily lives.

You could read one book a day every day for the rest of your life and still not understand even a fraction of all the Universe is and has been and will be.

Just take that in.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t try, right?? A great place to start is by understanding the energies you were born into and how they can affect the trajectory of your life. Most people know the very basics of what their zodiac is, but that alone isn’t giving you the full picture. You need to also understand what your moon and sun signs are.

Moon Sign

Your moon sign is defined by what sign the moon was in at the time of your birth (shocker). What I bet you will be shocked to find out though, is that your moon sign is not your zodiac indicator! So many people automatically associate their zodiac with the moon because, well, it’s the moon.

Regardless, your moon sign still pushes and pulls at your energy all day every day just like your zodiac tendencies – like when you explain how you can’t turn down because you’re an Aries. The most important thing you need to understand about your moon sign is that it represents your inner self, from emotions to physical aspects. This is only appropriate, as (in case you didn’t know) the Moon has a constant effect on a lot of your innerworkings, from hormones to mood shifts – werewolf, much?

One of the reasons the Moon sign is not as prominently used is because you have to know a lot more information about your birth than just what day you were born (like for your Sun sign). It matters what day, time, year, and area of the Earth you were born. If you can snag all of that info out of your baby book (and if you don’t get nostalgia-lost digging through the attic) here’s an awesome calculator to determine your Moon sign.

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Sun Sign

Okay, now here’s a familiar face. Your Sun sign is your zodiac indicator! So it’s pretty likely you already know what yours is. You guessed it, your Sun sign is determined by the position of the Sun on the day and month you were born.

As your zodiac, this sign represents your personality (read: individuality). This can come in the form of how you react to major life events, what career field you choose to go into, or that turning up habit we mentioned earlier. Most people feel incredibly connected to their Sun sign, not only because it’s the one most people already know about themselves, but because we as humans carry a lot of weight on our actions. We tend to define ourselves by which choice we made, and your Sun sign more often than not had a lot to do with which way you chose to go.

How to Use Both

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It’s probably an easy guess that you have already settled in how much (or how little) you feel your Sun sign affects your daily life. But when you start to mix in your Moon sign as well, it can start to change things. This can come by way of a full-circle realization of all those things your zodiac alone never quite explained. On the other hand, it could temporarily throw you a little off balance as you begin to consciously adjust to this other energy.

If you’re a skeptic of zodiac indicators, understanding the give and take relationship of both of these signs will be a huge eye-opener for you. You always knew that you could shake hands with 3 Virgos and they could be incredibly different people, so you wondered how your Sun sign could even really mean that much about a person. When you take into account everyone’s Moon sign, you find out that those three people are really Virgo-Taurus, Virgo-Gemini, and the rare Virgo-Virgo. So of course they’re not creepy woo-woo clone people!

Once you know what signs drive your style, you can start to use them to interpret different life events, better understand choices you have to make, or even daily choices like whether or not to go to the park or eat that slice of cake! Because the Universe is constantly expanding and moving the Sun, Moon, planets and galaxies are constantly shifting in and out of alignment with all of the signs and that can have a major effect on you too!

There are so many energies that surround us that we couldn’t even begin to comprehend and they are all having an affect on us all the time – so you definitely deserve that nap, existing is hard. But once you begin to peel back the layers, bit by bit, one astrology book or blog at a time, you innately start to take notice! Understanding and learning to interpret your Sun and Moon signs is just a start. So, go use that calculator to determine your Moon sign and start taking charge of your life!