It’s the Spring Equinox! This is one of my favorite days of the year. I’m one of those crazy people that likes the snow, but as it starts to melt, I have to admit how much I missed the green! Life is returning to the Earth and it’s time to Refocus and Refresh ourselves as well!

You can learn more about it’s history and how you can celebrate it with others here. This post is dedicated to our mini Spring Equinox toolkit and to Refreshing and Refocusing for a powerful rest of the year. Don’t forget, today we’re hosting a live event on our Facebook page! If you’re not already following us, please do so. You’ll be notified when we have future live events!

Refresh with a Negativity Release

We can’t get enough of negativity releasing spells and rituals! Seriously- there is no such thing as too much negativity cleansing. Even if you do the same spell or ritual back-to-back you’ll find yourself adding different things to your list or your mind focusing on an area of your life that you perhaps didn’t realize needed some negativity-begone.

What You’ll Need for this Spring Equinox Spell

  • Pen & paper -you can use a journal if you’d like
  • White candle

We suggest doing your Refreshing Spring Equinox spell either in the morning or before setting your intentions.

Find a comfortable, quiet spot. For this one you won’t really need to be in a meditative state, although stream of conscious writing in this exercise could be very beneficial! Light your candle when you’re ready.

On your piece of paper write all of the negative things you’ve been thinking about yourself lately. Write any negative beliefs that you hold about yourself- for example: I’m fat or I can’t do that.

If you want to write this out in a journal- no problem! We suggest using a journal specific for negativity so that it’s all contained there. But, if you want to use your usual journal and tear it out, that works too!

After you’ve written your negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself, what are the things that are holding you back. Write these things down too, be as specific as possible!

When you’re done, hold the paper in your hands. Fold it if you desire. Say the words above and light your piece of paper in the white candle’s flame. Watch the words burn and allow yourself to feel the negativity slip away as the paper crumbles.

Refocus and Set Intentions

Setting your intentions is one of the most important parts of manifesting. And in a way, Spring is the season for setting intentions. It’s when things start to come into fruition; plants grow, performances are evaluated at work, baby animals are starting to make an appearance. Spring is the perfect time to truly declare your intentions.

During this process, be careful to avoid saying or ‘deeply thinking’ the phrase “I want”. Wanting leads to more wanting. If there is something that we are literally¬†wanting¬†then it might not be the best thing to have in our life. Don’t confuse this with wanting something like financial security. That’s something that we absolutely need to have a balanced life. Now, for example, me wanting a new kayak isn’t something necessary for our wellness.

For this Spring Equinox ritual you’ll need:

  • The graphic below- or write the words out on your journal page
  • A green candle
  • Clove, juniper berry, patchouli essential oils (or any that inspires abundance for you)
  • Journal, book of shadows, or notebook of choice
  • Amethyst crystal or a green one

On the evening of the Spring Equinox, after you’ve celebrated, find a quiet, peaceful spot. Sit with your tools in front of you and allow your mind to wonder where it wants to.

Put to rest any hesitations, self doubt, or anxieties that you might be having. If negative thoughts enter your mind, let them pass, don’t give them life with more thoughts and energy. Let it all go.

Sit in this place. Think about the intentions that you want to set. Imagine what your life would be like to have these things or events happen. Feel it. Allow the love of these moments fill your heart.

Journal Entries

After you’ve refreshed and refocuses, complete these journals entries to further solidify your intentions and to attract more positivity into your life! Feel free to do them out of order, only a few, or all!

Spring Equinox Spell | Spring Equinox Ritual | Open Eye Connection | Journal Entries

The Tarot Card Reading & Live Event!

The Live event is taking place on our Facebook page later today! Be sure to follow us so you can see the live tarot card reading and hear more about the spring equinox spell and spring equinox ritual that we mentioned above! We’re so excited to see you there!

Want to Take this with You?

No problem! We fashioned this blog post and spring equinox event into a mini toolkit! Now you can follow along with the post or if you’d rather print it out to put in your journal, you can download it here!

This is a really good sneak peek into the monthly toolkits we offer! And the best part about the spring equinox spell and spring equinox ritual is that if you change a few elements, they can be done at any time of the year!

How did you celebrate the Spring Equinox? Did you recharge and refocus?