If you’ve followed us from the beginning, you’ll know that we recently made two big-ish changes around here. We feel like these changes will resonate and make you feel warm and excited like it does us!

One. We’re a toolkit not a magazine. For a while we were affectionately referring to Open Eye Connection as the “not-magazine magazine” because we knew that the real term that more accurately defined us was out there, but was dancing just out of reach. While we love reading and flipping through any good book or magazine, that’s not what we were creating. Instead, we had a collection of tools that aid in a series of different ways.

Our toolkits offer pieces for personal development, spiritual awakening and alignment, goal setting and goal crushing, and for building the lifestyle that you need to succeed. Really everything we include are tools for you to build and create the conscious lifestyle you’re craving, all while knocking out blocks to your overall health and wellness.

Two. We changed the price. When we aligned ourselves with our new title, we realized our old price simply didn’t add up. We knew this wasn’t just a magazine but this also wasn’t just an e-book. We knew we weren’t creating just an instructional guide but also not just a printable workbook. What we’re creating goes beyond any of these traditional products to ensure an all-encompassing, manifesting, entertaining, self-helping toolkit that we wanted but couldn’t find.

As goal-getters ourselves, we understand the struggle of spending money on ourselves. But we also understand the value that you expect from a hard earned $10. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Open Eye Connection.

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