More and more research is coming out to back up the amazing effects that mindfulness has on us. It’s supporting the alleviation of symptoms people feel, it’s proving that it can literally build a stronger brain, and really the list goes on of the benefits of mindfulness. So really, what is the weigh in on mindfulness vs depression and can it really help with something that so many suffer from?
Short answer; yes. Yes it can! Mindfulness, such as meditation practices, are an opportunity to ground yourself and to be present in this single moment in time. If you’ve suffered from anxiety, I’m sure you can already see how it can be an amazingly, useful tool!
As you practice mindfulness overtime, you’ll see more benefits too! This means that as you continue to build upon this already strong base, your overall wellness (particularly mental wellness) will improve.

Mindfulness vs Depression

Studies are showing that mediations, specifically mindfulness meditations, can help with depression symptoms. It creates a space in your mind that is always calm- well. Scratch that.
It creates a space in your mind that is always calm.
It acquaints you with the space in your mind that is always calm. The serenity is always there, it’s just hard to find sometimes. And as you practice this mindfulness, this inner peace, it will become easier to go back into that place.
If you already do breathing techniques to help with stress, anxiety, anger, or other mood swings, then you know that as you use this technique, it becomes easier and easier to find relief from it.
That being said, some studies are even showing that mindfulness can help prevent future depressive episodes! Take a moment to let that sink in! Preventing future depressive episodes?? Medications can’t even do that! **If you’re taking medication and it works, please continue to use it. From my own personal experiences, I noticed that my depressive episodes were still present, just not as prominent.**

What kind of Mindfulness? Do I have to Meditate?

Ahh, the all important question: do I have to meditate? Well no. No, you don’t. BUT it’s the most powerful mindfulness technique. Yes, you can practice mindfulness anywhere. Stuck at a stoplight? Perfect! Feeling rushed or flustered at work or school? Inhale peace, exhale the BS.
What makes meditation so crucial is that you’re literally doing nothing else but inviting in this moment of peace. Your setting your intentions on practicing in a space that you know you can relax in and be peaceful.
So while no, you don’t have to meditate. You can do anything mindfully! Go about your task or actions with your mind in the present. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Forget about yesterday. Give your full attention to what is happening right now!
Fun fact: Mindful showers are totally a thing!

Mindfulness for the #goalgetters!

Yes. Mindfulness can help you with work! Whattttt. No it’s really cool. Let me geek out on you for a second.
At work, especially for those who are actively climbing the ladder or even getting your side hustle off the ground, we are multitasking constantly. But our minds aren’t meant to wander between the past, present, and future. Not only does it create unrest in our present, it’s very easy to forget what we should be doing when we’re thinking about what needs to be done.
We’re really good at doing the thing that we’re doing right now. Sorry, multi-taskers, but your performance really is suffering. So finish what you’re doing first. Give your attention to that task (and only that task) before moving on to the next one. Yes, we have a multitude of tasks but by doing them one-by-one whole heartedly, instead of a bunch haphazardly, just imagine what you can truly accomplish. Then you have something you can be proud of!
You can read more here!

Mindfulness for strong relationships

Almost all areas of your life can benefit from mindfulness, including your relationships. The way we connect with people is changing and while some people panic and try to cut out technology completely, unfortunately it’s not realistic. It may be tempting to try and figure out how to create the perfect relationship, but the way to have a great relationship (romantic or not) is to take it mindfully and in the present.
Always, always, always, listen to your partner. Truly listen! Take the time to listen rather than to just hear. The words someone say to you take energy and effort to create. And, especially if you’re like me, it can take some courage to say some of the things on our mind. We need to remember that when we’re conversing with our partner or friend or family member.
Mindfulness has an amazing ability to bring the reality into sharper focus. Your intuition strengthens and you become a little more intuitive, especially with our more intimate partners, friends, etc. Mindfulness truly can improve a connection.

Mindfulness for artists

While Ashleigh is our resident (amazing) artist, there is something that she suggested that made a major change to my day. She suggested taking 15 minutes to be creative everyday. 15 minutes is nothing and as we talked about earlier, we find time for the things that are important to us. So, for one week I decided to give it a shot. And holy cow it’s changed my mornings!
An artist can use paint, pencil, pen, charcoal, dirt, etc etc. An artist is simply someone who creates another world from our own- and in a way that’s entirely their own. Spending 15 minutes expressing creativity not only can help create some internal peace, it’s a form of mindful meditation. It brought more creativity into my life, of course. I had more ideas and saw inspiration in things that I hadn’t before.
This is part of the reason why mindful coloring books became so popular. People are starting to realize the gift that is creativity! And how relaxing, and balancing it can be to spend a few minutes a day getting in touch with their artistic side.
Oh, and if you’re like most artists, the mindfulness vs depression is a very important topic for overall wellness! This can be the only outlet for some people and it’s so important to utilize it!
What do you do for mindfulness? What mindfulness strategy transformed your day?
Did we miss your kind of mindfulness? Leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to touch on it in another post!