There are some big happenings coming up this month! The Spring Equinox closes this month with two full moons and the beginning of the Jupiter retrograde. The start of spring is on it’s way and it’s time to get going! With the return of spring, comes the time to shake off any winter slumber and get ready for a goal. crushing. year.

It was with this in mind that we created our March 2018 Toolkit: The Spring Equinox and Lunar Love. The theme of the month lies within the stars, and the tools inside enable you to bring that energy into your everyday life in a really powerful way.

The Super-Tools of the Month

While we love and personally use the tools that we include in our toolkits, some tools excite us more than others. This month, our super-tools are:

Lunar Offerings – Use our printable lunar calendar to keep track of goals, deadlines, and to use as a helpful manifesting guide if you’re called to follow the moon.

SoulFood: Lunar Love – This month, use our SoulFood section with the full moon to help release negativity and align yourself with your intentions. Seriously- it’s an exciting one!

Goal Getting Guidelines & Habit Tracker- Ashleigh made an amazing habit tracker that we use to keep ourselves on track with our projects, habits, and goals. This printable tool is perfect for creating and maintaining new habits.

Product Review- While our heads have always been in the clouds, its easy to forget what phase the moon is in and what we should be concentrating on at that time. Enter: this amazing moon deck! We include a full product review in the toolkit and more details about how it took our manifesting game to a new level.

And of course we also include DIYS, self improvement tools, and inspiring articles!

Open Eye Connection March 2018 Toolkit

Why We Care

A personal note from the editors:

Our lives were in a completely different place only a few years ago. The only habits we maintained were negative ones that entrapped us in a cycle of misguided trail-and-error. It was in our darkest hours that we returned to something that had never failed us in the past; the night sky.

And as one usually does when they are feeling lost, alone, and confused, we cried to them and looked up to their untouchable power. Something inside us answered our plea for help during one of those times. Something clicked.

Spirituality. The Moon. Our Higher Selves.

While the moon isn’t the only thing that brought us to spirituality (it was a perfect storm, as I’m sure you can understand), it provided us with support and a forever-system to create and accomplish our goals. A system that we still use to this day to manifest our financial, health, and personal goals.

You can see this system in our lunar calendar and goal tracker, both of which are in the monthly toolkits. What makes the Spring Equinox and Lunar Love toolkit so unique is that we concentrate entirely on the lunar phases, using them, and how to celebrate the Spring Equinox.