We, from Open Eye Connection, are so thrilled to have you join us in our first month of publication! This dream has been in the making for far longer then it’s digital footprint might show and we’re so excited to finally be announcing February’s theme:

Self Love and Abundant Relationships!

**pssst, we have some other announcements too so make sure you make it down to the bottom of this post!**


Open Eye Connection February 2018 Issue


Since it is February after all, we thought it would be a little ridiculous to ignore the already present theme of love. But. We’re taking the concept of love a step further to discuss healthy relationships (with both yourself and others) that open the door to abundance and synchronicity. There’s a special emphasis on loving our unique, glorious selves especially since during this month it’s easy to forget that love has to start from within.

The DIY’s and the product review also focus on finding ways to strengthen our connection to our own mind, body, and soul, along with creating healthy relationships with friends, family, or significant others. Oh! I almost forgot- this month’s interview is also extra special and gives you a peak into how other’s see the woo woo side of things.

Still on the fence about it? No problem!


This issue is for you if you’re interested in:

  • Connecting with your inner divinity
  • Creating abundant, strong relationships that benefit all involved
  • Clearing your heart chakra of blocks
  • Learning about the zodiac’s effect on your love life
  • How to kick ass in the shortest month of the year

I realized I probably forgot to mention that our monthly toolkits come with a lunar calendar, DIYs, unique ‘SoulFood’ sections for internal work, product reviews, interviews with spiritual warriors, and a personal development section that’s all designed to help you make the most of your month; from spiritual wellness all the way to conquering your goals and aspirations!


A peak inside February’s Toolkit:

The featured article of Self Love and Abundant Relationships is an open letter to ourselves about letting go of fear. Life isn’t long enough to waste our time on our own insecurities. We’ve got this; slay babe!



And now, an exclusive sneak peak!

Our SoulFood section is by far my (Nathalie) favorite. This part of the toolkit is designed to help you overcome an internal struggle that typically accompanies the theme of the month. For February, the SoulFood section is concentrated on conquering fear! The subsections in SoulFood include different tasks such as journaling and meditating!


This is one of the subsections from the February toolkit, Self Love and Abundant Relationships. Please, try it out and let us know what you think! Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram!

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