positive thinking map

Life is stressful. It’s too easy to get discouraged by the ups and downs that we encounter every day. When those harsh feelings start creeping in about how hard of a time you’re having, your mind can start to spiral. What if I can’t do this? Things will never get better. I’ll get to it later. I should just give up.

And believe it or not, your thoughts affect your mood and your mood affects your actions (law of attraction, anyone?). You can’t keep telling yourself every day that you can’t do it and expect it not to take a toll on your mindset and work ethic. When it comes to setting goals, this negative thought cycle can be even worse.

Usually, we set goals that are meant to enforce a change for the better. Yet despite understanding all the benefits that would come with making that change, we sometimes tend to continuously discourage ourselves from taking any steps towards it. When we start to let those negative thoughts take over, it can discourage us even more, make us put off necessary steps towards our goals, and eventually believe you just can’t achieve anything.

But you, my friend – you are a goddess. You’re not just a goal-setter… You are an absolute Goal. Getter.

And you know it. But sometimes, we all need a little reminder of how awesome we are.

This is where the power of positive thinking comes in, and why we created the FREE printable Positive Affirmation Cards! Just reminding yourself once a day that you are awesome, powerful, and totally capable can make the biggest difference. With 33 printable, cut-out-able, laminat-able, and inspirational cards, you can pull a different card every day to get your mind right. Get the freebie here and send us pics of your favorite cards on Facebook!