April’s Toolkit comes with a message from our collective Spirit Guides. Before writing and creating the tools for April 2018’s toolkit, I sat down and cleared some space. My question to the Universe and to our Guides was simple: what do we and our Open Eyed followers need to hear for the month of April.

Well hold onto your butts, because the message couldn’t be more amazing!

1. The Empress

This card calls for us to get in touch and to connect with the femininity that resides within all of us. This doesn’t mean to think of the cliche ‘womanly’ characteristics and to adopt more of those habits into your life. No, instead it means to get in touch with our creativity, our sexuality, the more feminine emotions we have- and to use it to our advantages.

During the reading, I felt particularly drawn to the fact that as women we can sometimes hold back the qualities that we deem to be ‘too feminine’. This month, throw that hesitation out the window. Embrace your feminine qualities as a strength- because it is one!

2. The Reverse Chariot

This card reflects a sense of chaos and lack-of-control in our lives. Instead of leading the show, we’ve settled for an extra that will only be remembered as “Resting Bitch Face #3”. It’s time to take control.

Grab those reigns! Don’t let life run itself and don’t allow yourself to be guided or pulled in a direction that you don’t truly want to go. When it comes to the goal-getters, this month is definitely going to be your month!

3. The Sun

Always remember: you are the sun. You shine and people notice. You’re special and radiate that out. When you shine as the perfectly, unique person you are, that’s when you make an impression. And that’s when you can truly be happy and at peace within your own life.

This card greatly emphasis the empress. While the sun is typically considered a masculine energy, it symbolizes the power and light that dwells within all of us. With each card being on the sides of the reverse chariot, consider that you need to balance both masculine and feminine qualities, with more of an emphasis on embracing the feminine.

But back to the toolkit!

After receiving such a powerful, clear message, I was even more excited to bring out and launch the April toolkit! The toolkit’s theme was already decided but this reading solidified that we were bringing you the tools that you need and with perfect timing!

Tools to look for:

  • Our SoulFood section this month is designed to help you get out of your own way! If you’ve been feeling like you only have yourself to blame for not getting closer to your goals, this section is for you!
  • The Featured Tool for this month is an amazing article about being attacked by time and what you can do about it
  • YOGA! Yes! We have a new tool in the toolkit this month: our yoga section! This yoga sequence is designed to help you unwind so that you can fully concentrate on the task at hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s 6:30 am and you’re heading to work, or it’s 8:45 pm and you have until midnight to bust out an assignment, we got you covered!

You can check out the article and pre-order here!open eye connection april toolkit manifest hustler survival