Can we please say goodbye to the typical Valentine’s Day already? Yes; chocolates, flowers, and dinner are just divine but is that really the best we can do for the day that’s supposed to be dedicated to showing love and appreciation for the ones we love? Honestly, I love how we’re all already up-ing our V-Day game. I’ve seen so many amazing DIY ideas that I wish I was better practiced with my crafting skills. But that’s part of what makes this list amazing. It takes amazing gestures that we already make and we sprinkle a dash of abundance on it.

What makes this a list for goal getters, you might ask? A relationship is so much more than sweet romantic gestures. It’s about building each other up and creating memories together (of course among other things). So why not bring that aspect into this special holiday and make it that much more meaningful? Knock out your goals together or spend money on making memories rather than just a momentary gesture.

1. Make Weekend Wanderlust Plans

You know that city that’s not too far away that you’ve been wanting to go to? Ask your partner if they’ve already made plans or bought your present, if they haven’t suggest pooling your money for a mini getaway. Take the weekend off, check out some hotel deal sites, and immerse yourself in the new environment. If there’s a place that you want to to even more that just costs a little too much right now, save your money (get your partner in on it too) so that yall can have a vacation that would matter even more. So what if it’s not Valentine’s Day then, the atmosphere will match the occasion!

2. Cooking with a Twist

We all know how fun and grounding cooking in together can be. But add a bit of an aromatherapy-meets-woo-woo-goddess vibe in and you have a completely new experience! As you plan dinner, plan what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create along with it. Figure out what essential oils, incense, or candle would help you to create this and go for it! For example, we’re using this amazing Love and Romance Candle set– well actually, we’re using itĀ again since we used it in the past and loved it so much we did a product review on it in this month’s toolkit. We especially recommend the achill candle for setting a romantic mood!

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3. Share Some Self-Care

Some of our self-care rituals are extremely sacred and intimate to us. In these states we’re often rawly and vulnerably ourselves as we wind down to repair from daily stress and anxiety. Even if we live with our significant other, we sometimes keep some of these things to ourselves, like grounding meditations or smudging for example. Share your self-care rituals today with each other. Let them see a side of you that they haven’t seen before and encourage them to do the same. Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be so stressful when you’re trying to make schedules fit together or spend as little as possible while making a big memory. Change up the pace for this one and concentrate on relaxing and unwinding together.

4. Documentary & Discussion?

Watch a thought provoking documentary or movie together and have an honest conversations about it together. Try to pick something that won’t become a hot button issue, of course, but also choose something that maybe something that you don’t discus often. Or something that you’ve been wanting to know more of. After it’s over, have an open conversation with each other about what it made you think or feel. It may sound lame, but it really does open up for deeper conversations that may not have even been a topic included in the documentary.

5. Buy (or Borrow) a Boardgame

Remember those things you used to buy for entertainment when you were broke? Yes, get one of those again! If you already have some, dust them off for a day. Take some printer paper and on a handful (or however many you want) tape some truth or dare questions or things like ” play never have I ever” or “play a round of charades”. Add things that spice it up a little bit while taking a walk down nostalgia lane. I highly recommend clue.

6. Couples Yoga for Dummies

Don’t worry, I’m not calling you a dummy! Get on youtube and watch a couple of “couples yoga” videos. Pick any one that catches your attention or choose a bunch of pictures and try to copy those! Whatever you do, really try to completeĀ every pose (safety first, of course) and have fun with it! This is where the ‘dummies’ part comes in- if you’re not laughing and slightly embarrassed, then you’re probably not doing it right! Get out of your comfort zone with each other.

7. Make Plans to Give Back

Giving back is always rewarding for everyone involved. Especially after the past year, there are so many places and people in need. Make plans to give back and volunteer in some form of fashion. Maybe go through your home/s and donate everything you don’t need or use. Find the nearest shelters or food kitchens around. Brainstorm together what you both would be interested in doing to give back. Make clear steps to making this happen too! Try not to get caught up in the thought of helping someone and then forget to actually do it!

Well, there you have it!

7 amazing ways to make real memories this Valentine’s Day that also feeds your wanderlust, goal getter side! Create abundant relationships this Valentine’s Day! Let us know what you try out or if you take something and make it your own! If you take pictures, make sure you share them with us by using #openeyeconnection on Instagram.