Balance is everything. [Let me say it again for the people in the back] BALANCE. IS. EVERYTHING.

If you’re like me, you’re on a mission to complete inner peace. And if you’re like me, you know that sometimes no matter how much internal work you do it sometimes seems like you’re not quite reaching it. You feel off balance. We can do all the meditation, all the spiritual cleansings, all the latest and greatest woo-woo heal-all’s but still not feel like we’re where we want to be.

This is because we’re missing one major component.

Our external, physical environment has a huge impact on our internal peace. Have you ever had an amazing day but felt defeated when you came home to a messy house? Or, have you ever been feeling on cloud 9 inside but drowning in a toxic environment around you? I know I surely have, and more often than not I end up on a self-destructive path questioning why I’m not making as much progress as I “should be.” In reality, I just wasn’t paying attention to what was affecting my progress.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for us to change our surroundings. But there are small things you can do to improve the energy you surround yourself with.

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1. Tidy Up

The power of cleaning is real. It’s been proven that a tidy environment can improve productivity and bring joy and calm. Before I leave for a multi-day trip, I always make sure to clean my home so that when I walk back in the door I’m in a clean, relaxed place where I can recover from traveling.

Well, for many people (hey there empaths!) every. single. day. can feel as exhausting as a long-term trip. So keeping your space tidy can turn it into a retreat instead of a holding place for sleeping and eating.

2. Clean The Air

We’re talking smudging, purifying and taking a deep breath. Each of these things have huge effects on how your surroundings impact your internal balance.

Smudging gets rid of negative ions that build up in your home and cause unrest, emotional turmoil, spiritual roadblocks, and even physical ailments (it’s science, for real).

Purifying your air does just as it sounds – clears the air of toxins and other unwelcome particles that can cause physical illness and mental health issues. Getting yourself an air purifier is a great investment in the long-term and you’ll likely feel a difference in your air quality right away (added bonus if you’re an allergy sufferer).

Using incense or an essential oil diffuser is great for breaking away from emotional, mental, and spiritual stressors. There are plenty of scientific pairings to use so-and-so essential oil to get rid of such-and-such problem – and I’m truly an advocate for that type of research, don’t get me wrong. However, the best piece of advice I ever got (from our very own OEC co-author Nathalie!) was to go to a shop and sniff out a few. The one that makes you exhale all the stress, relax your shoulders, & feel instant peace? That’s the one you go home with. There’s no better guide for what works for you best than your own body.

3. Plants. All The Plants

Plants clean the air too. They literally give you air. They grow with care from your own hands. And damn they are just so gorgeous to look at. Study after study has shown that having living, growing, breathing plants in your environment can have a positive effect on both your mood and your health – two things that are pretty essential to reaching inner peace.

I wrote mostly in the context of home environments with those tips but you can truly apply them to any physical space you’re needing to improve to reach that true peace you’ve been working towards. You can tidy up your desk at work and add a plant or two. You can defiantly clean out your car of trash and dust. They even make air purifiers and essential oil diffusers for your car!

Journeying towards awakening and inner peace is a long and rewarding road. But it becomes even longer when we ignore external areas of our life that impact our internal balance. I have been on this journey for all my life, and I’d figure you have been too. Everytime I make a new discovery that can push me along further in my journey, I grip it tight and reach for more. Even little changes like the ones I listed here can make a big difference for your journey towards true inner peace.