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Finally. The day was over. And I don’t mean finally in a, “oh it was a long day” kind of way — no. I meant it in the, “ugh now I can push the restart button, relax, and hope for a better mindset tomorrow” way. This is how most of my evenings went.

I knew I needed to take charge of my mindset and my life. I knew I didn’t want to just keep getting through the day.

I wanted to be happy more often than not. I wanted to lead the lifestyle that I knew would make a tremendous impact for my overall wellness. I just didn’t know how. I didn’t know where to begin and I definitely felt entirely alone in the process. Who could I go to to learn more about astrology and chakras; how they impact our lives; how to work with and in energy and light? I spent the next few years figuring things out through trial and error and happy mistakes.

It took years to repair the past damage, to unblock my chakras, and to nurture the connection between my body, mind, and soul.



Imagine if for just this once you put yourself first and did something that you know would benefit you? Imagine, you didn’t wait the years that I had to?

How nice would it be to get a monthly survival guide that’s designed with your personal development in mind? It’s delivered straight to your inbox to be read and complete at your own pace. Each month has a theme that focuses around both natural occurrences in the month and with traditions that we’ve adopted over the years.

What would it be like to finally start working out your blocks?

What would it be like to not want to hit restart at the end of the day?

What is Open Eye Connection Exactly?

Open Eye Connection is a digital publication — the brain child of Nathalie and Ashleigh. Like you, we were tired of feeling different but not knowing what to do to further our connection with our soul. Through mending ourselves and embracing the mysterious power of the universe, we now have a balance in our lives that empowers us to tackle the challenges that are sent our way — and we want to share all that we’ve learned with you!

We maintain a healthy relationship with our ego and shadow selves so that we can love the unique pieces of ourselves while honoring the guidance our souls and spirit guides. We knew that these were lessons that other people are dying to learn but didn’t have one place to find it all, so we created it — one solid guide to spirituality, alignment, holistic living, empowering interviews, honest product reviews, printable journaling pages, self-care tips, DIYs, and so so much more to come!

Connection = Community 

When we start to look within to heal ourselves, we simultaneously start to look outside of us as well. We look to friends and family for support during the process, but sadly not all of us will receive the support or guidance that we need to really thrive and shine. Part of what makes Open Eye Connection so special is that we create a community amongst ourselves and our readers. We’re all here growing and learning together.

We not only wanted to be able to create a guide that could help you to find yourself and your purpose, but also that helps you find a comfort in the fact that there are so many people out there just like you! Open Eye Connection is not just the digital production, but it’s you — the reader who drives us every day.

We want to see your pictures on social media! Share your pictures of what you do with us by using the hashtag #openeyeconnection!

The #1 Reason Why

We don’t believe in luck and we don’t believe in coincidences. Nathalie and Ashleigh met each other and became friends at an entirely different phase in life. Our journeys have been vastly different but the destination the same; and we were connected the entire time.

We were connected.


We didn’t just grow a connection to each other or to the people we met along the way. We strengthened our connection to our soul. And connection with our soul so that we can live in happiness and harmony within is the greatest gift and investment.

That kind of inter-soul connection is what drives us to create these amazing digital monthly guides for you. So that each page helps to foster that connection within you.

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Twice a week, we update our blog with the latest mini tools, aligned product reviews, and insight into the latest news in health, wellness, and spirituality!   We include articles on all of the themes present in our toolkits. If you’re looking for something in particular, please look through our categories – we cover all things spiritual #goalgetter!   **We love reading comments but it’s been a bit quiet! Penny for your thoughts 👉🏼**

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The Game Changer’s Toolkits

What I liked the most was the journaling sections. I took away some great ideas with using the guides the issue provided. I can see myself implementing the journaling techniques on a daily basis to help calm my anxiety. Roxanne

I think everyone can benefit from these toolkits. It’s not limited or concentrated on a particular audience. That being said, whether a person is struggling in life or living the dream, there’s useful information here to keep a person’s soul balanced. Anonymous

I’ve been looking for something to help guide me towards a lifestyle that better fits me. As I sugger from depression and anxiety, it’s been difficult to find something that relates and helps me work around these things. These toolkits do just that! Sarah


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